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长租公寓正成为市场新宠 如何推广“长租生活”

一季度北京成交商品住宅用地22宗 占总成交面积77.36% 说明

全国楼市去库存需2年 建议:住房资源向青年倾斜

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1.LED巨头频频并购整合 行业景气度有望加速
2.南京三月房价环比涨了0.1% 新房价格同比涨幅创19个月新高
3.实体店与电商是友非敌 门企应二者结合
6.“地产乔布斯”发起行业革命 绿城电商助力建材领域反腐

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1. In a sign that civil service jobs may be losing their appeal, a report issued by recruitment website Zhaopin in late March said more than 10,000 public sector employees, including civil servants and staff members at public institutions, had submitted their resumes to potential employers through the site in just two months. The number was 34 percent higher during the same period last year, the report said.
2. in无,fin范围-无范围的-无限的
3. “An employee left a sticky note saying that he was quitting.”
4. Salary three years after graduation and salary increase are the main criteria, each accounting for 20 per cent of the ranking’s weight. Most schools in the top 25 score well on at least one of these criteria. The top 10 schools would mostly also rank in the first 10 if salaries and their increases were excluded. The only exceptions are Nanyang Business School and China Europe International Business School, both underperforming in the doctoral and research ranks.
5. Guangdong has cemented its position as the country's largest provincial economy for the 28th consecutive year, with its gross domestic product (GDP) exceeding 7.9 trillion yuan in 2016.
6. Leadership

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2、风口之下 “新零售+家居建材”走向何处?
4、房租涨价风波之下:广州房租稳定 深圳未见“暴涨”
5、家居店纠结撤不撤 消费者观望买不买
6、“房宝宝”一日筹齐1450万 业内恐存政策风险....


      西西软件园 The drama was broadcast during the summer holiday, targeting young audiences who prefer fantasies and romances.
      The top 10 Weibo celebrities now have a combined 40 million followers. One of the most famous online figures, Papi Jiang, already signed a contract for video ads worth a staggering 22 million.