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中国房企争相更名 寻求多元化发展

下半年国内消费市场将扩大家具建材等消费 说明

倒闭潮依旧“热恋”卫浴行业 九句真言助经销商免受其害

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1.南京春节过后仅两家楼盘领销许 房源不足600套
6.京沪前7个月投资遇“寒流” 房地产撑起半壁江山


1. “If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”
2. Average age: 37
3. No. One way it could play out: after a tentative start involving lots of trading stops, bitcoin futures will slowly begin to attract institutional money. Commodity Futures Trading Commission positioning data will reflect the extraordinary long bias that exists for the product among money managers. As the huge cost of rolling futures positions becomes self-evident, longs will complain ever more loudly about routine divergences around settlement time. Just as a senate hearing is being scheduled to investigate potential manipulation of the market, futures prices will fall below spot, initiating a sell-off.
4. Inside larger technology companies, female employees will be hoping for signs of change in pay and promotions — but will also be on guard, as a men’s rights backlash brews in some corners of Silicon Valley.
5. The ability of customers to air their dirty laundry to the world via Twitter and Facebook has already changed the customer service game. A 2012 Nielsen survey shows more than half of all customers now turn to social media for redress; meanwhile, some 81% of Twitter users expect a same-day response to questions and complaints. But this fall, things got even more interesting: On Sept. 2, British Airways passenger Hasan Syed spent an estimated $1,000 to purchase several promoted Tweets blasting the company for losing luggage. With paid social media now in customers' arsenal, 2014 may mark the beginning of the end of abysmal customer service at major airlines, credit card companies, banks, and other repeat offenders, characterized by endless phone wait times and those automated "phone trees" (i.e., "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 to waste your entire afternoon on hold ...").
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1、“限价”时代 房企转变传统“利润逻辑”
2、个税改革首月减税316亿元 6000多万人不再缴个税
3、新疆:让扶贫举措更细 让脱贫效果更实
5、“互联网+家居建材”三大模式下 家居建材市场商机在何方
6、企业减负:快还旧账 不欠新账....


      西西软件园 在原油市场连续数年获得新兴市场需求的支撑之后,快速增加的原油供应很可能会在2014年拉低油价,油市形势将继续随着这种供需动态变化而发生改变。